From mid-cap companies to global players …

Our client base includes midcap companies as well as global players — opportunities for optimization are hidden here and there! Thank you for having shown us your confidence…

Uwe Willhaus, Managing Director & Member of the Board Lehnkering GmbH

"We appreciate the logistical experience and the process competence of dploy and use them on a regular basis, especially to permanently improve and optimize the interactive processes with our customers. dploy is not just a service provider for us but a reliable partner."

Klaus Leber, Vice President Production & Logistics Leifheit AG

"Together with dploy we stabilized and optimized the operational processes in Material Planning and aligned them to our defined goals. Through the establishment of additional transparency in the logistical key performance indicators we successively accomplished the defined objectives in service level and inventory."

Angelika Nürnberger, Managing Director Farbenwerke Wunsiedel GmbH

"I was surprised how fast and accurate dploy was able to process our data and generate the logistical facts. Following we had a perfect basis for subsequent optimization measures."

Sven Vogel, Vice President Central IT Lehnkering GmbH

"dploy has always been a competent, target oriented and pragmatical partner for us. Identified potentials were illustrated in details and openly discussed. We as a client benefit from this proceeding because potentials are not only shown but also tackled within the projects."

Uwe Wiesebrock, Plant Manager Marabu GmbH & Co. KG

"The identification and demonstration of specific inventory potentials as well as the structured and fact based procedure for optimization convinced us right from the beginning."

Alfred Ludorf, CFO Schirm GmbH

"To master the enormous challenge of harmonizing our core processes over all subsidiaries to meet future requirements dploy guided us competently and pragmatically through the concept phase as well as through the subsequent ERP implementation!"